How do you improve your kidney function?

How do you improve your kidney function?

How do you improve your kidney function?

The kidneys are responsible for filtering waste products out of the blood, regulating blood pressure and balancing the balance of the various fluids within the body. (

Unfortunately, these vital organs can be damaged by uncontrolled blood levels and high blood pressure, and

can destroy the blood vessels in the kidneys.
Then the kidneys can no longer optimally and this leads to the accumulation of waste products from food in the body.

Figure: Mayo Clinic

For with limited function, a strict diet is necessary.

must then be reduced, because the kidneys can no longer filter these substances sufficiently.
Therefore we want to look at some food additives that can support damaged kidneys.


1. it is important that a sufficient supply of

. Water is the only liquid “ingredient” needed for the internal cleansing of the body. It can not only

from the body, but it also helps against

and kidney stones and it can

from the blood.


contains large quantities of

which are extremely important to prevent the formation of kidney stones and emaciation by nutrients.
One should not large amounts of them because some varieties contain very high amounts of potassium in comparison to others.


is fantastic against inflammation, because it contains


Kale contains little

but a lot
and that’s important for healthy kidney function.
If you have kidney damage, kale can help with iron deficiency.


help because of the high content of

very antibacterial.

In addition, they contain little sugar and potassium and that is very good for the kidneys.



This is good for the of the kidneys because it helps regulate kidney function and can prevent kidney disease.
If you already have damaged kidneys and not mushrooms, you can

to eat. But you should make sure

…to eat.


act as a natural cleaning agent, contain little


They contain a natural antioxidant called

which has an anti-cancer effect and keeps the heart healthy.
Apples also help with high

and are blood sugar-lowering.

All in all, you keep kidneys healthy by eating foods that support their function, health and regeneration.
Eating foods that contain too much potassium or sugar will further damage a damaged kidney. Instead, you should eat food that can maintain or restore the health of your kidneys – they can regenerate and function better.