What is the difference between religion and spirituality?

An abyssal, religion has nothing to with spirituality, religion is inculcated, spirituality is something natural.

The basic concept is that spirituality is the search for meaning, purpose, transcendence, and an experience of connection with something we cannot define, but think is intitutional.

For some people being spiritual means handling crystals and talking to angels, for others it is practicing yoga and/or fasting, for others it is keeping silent, some to “spirits”, and,

Although you can be religious and spiritual, you don’t need to be religious to be spiritual

And this difference is important to take into account before seeking a “spiritual” and falling into the hands of unscrupulous charlatans who will try to sell you “paradises”, “happiness” and “eternal life”, knowing perfectly well that these do not exist, they are just illusions, desires and unrealizable dreams.

Spirituality is a state of connection, of experience, of attachment, of mental association with something that our animal instinct considers greater because of the overwhelming sensation that we feel before the immense and the unknown, and this divinity has been nature, which unfailingly the deepest part of our being, appealing to our emotional state, since we instinctively understand our dependence on these forces that compose the Universe. I prefer to call it the essence of what our body and mind register, an energetic substance that some consider must be a divinity.

Religions are based on this feeling, but only with the purpose of cunningly exploiting it, presenting it for reasons of control as something that be part of a collective thought, and which they incorporate into the force, something that in principle is intimate and private, to make it into an oblaque imposition, it a mass movement and thus give a ceremonial aspect with which it is imposed and forced on the reticent. Logically, this has nothing to do with figures, symbols and even less with people elevated to the condition of gods, some of which have always belonged to mythology, who have no real connection with people, they are simply symbols created to manipulate the minds of the unwary, to attract them and scare them.

It is also true that we human beings need to believe in something and that it is something necessary for our mental, physical and emotional balance, but it is not in any way necessary a divinity to achieve it, it is enough to display affection for the living, respecting the environment and what gives us life.

Ethics and empathy sublimate all human feelings and causing harm, religions do the opposite?

Which makes a colossal difference, because of the enormous…