What do women look at in a man?

I think straight women at a lot of straight women,





From an aesthetic point of view can capture how much a man is

able to care of and his health

(so they won’t have to babysit him and they can feel proud to walk beside him).

I don’t think that fashionable clothing choices and other amenities are really important, on the contrary, a bit of extravagance carried with ease I think it’s a point in favour.

In an interactive perspective, I think that women are very observant

how he relates to others

The ideal be an attitude


So no to banal machismo (which usually hides insecurity and/or future prevarication towards her), but to submission (women already have many decisions to make: they are looking for a partner to support them, not a to care for).

As for the

mutual interaction

I think they’re looking out for an attitude of

balance between lightness and seriousness

depending on the subjects dealt with.
Rejected the heaviness

(not knowing how to joke).

I flunked the “I know everything”

(the smile they’ give you be of pure pity).

As for the

intimate moments

women will notice how adept he is at grasping signals, whether of “invitation”, of “fake rejection”, or of “real rejection”. Mistakes are usually forgiven in the first two cases (not understanding the invitation or the false rejection), if they reveal

empathy for him

but the insistence on a real rejection will rightly make them run for their lives.

There are a thousand other things that women look at, all in an absolutely discreet way, but it is enough to be less focused on themselves (but on them) to notice that the “scanner” is working!