Should modern science books in schools mention the flat earth theory?

Let’s make an analogy. Would anyone consider it appropriate to answer yes to the following?

because it puts a biased and harmful (that of the question),

It is not to take both ideas, the one expressed in the question of analogy, which is biased, harmful and unfounded, as equal and put it on the same level as one of the fundamental principles of the Charter of Human Rights.

, the same thing is happening here. The Earth is not flat. It is spherical. That is an incontrovertible known to human beings for more than 2 000 years. And the only way to discuss it is

(which is “cured” by studying), or from the worst of the malice of those who,

The media, using all sorts of subterfuges and stratagems to distort the , appeal to absurd conspiracies, and insult the intelligence. Anything to get their benefit.

And these have possible cure, because they perfectly well that they are lying, and they are lying.

Precisely because of that malice implicit in taking advantage of the ignorance of to manipulate, there should not be a single concession with this intellectual cancer. In a book from which people must obtain knowledge, scientific evidence gathered over centuries cannot be put on the same level as a fallacy that cannot stand up to the slightest rational analysis, and when it is seen to be dismantled, it pulls the strings of the emotional: “You’re cheated!

Nowadays, anyone can take a camera, a polyexpan box, and a helium balloon and send it to appreciate the curvature of the Earth by itself, any manipulation. That’s in the extreme case that the many ways to verify reality (

) were not for him.

Magufling, magical thinking, and malicious manipulation can be

. It’s not something to be taken as a joke. And it’s certainly not something to give

A salute.