What health trick did you learn that radically changed your life?

For those need to improve their diet is good.

Have you heard that to eat well it is only to eat cucumber imagining a x-burger? That doesn’t . A cucumber will taste like a cucumber.

I tested something different. While eating, I kept imagining the whole internal process of food digestion and forcing my brain to eat slowly and try to “understand” the taste of food.

First you do a survey on food and what food in your body.

Then, you to eat, you start imagining that food descending through your digestive and you imagine a sort of separator. : if you are eating a carrot, imagine that this separator will take the nutrients from it and take them to your skin, to your brain, etc.

By doing this, when I was eating fatty or with a lot of sugar, I imagined it to my blood in the form of fat, and eating slowly, paying attention to the flavors, you begin to notice how industrialized have a intense flavor and addictive to your taste, making the natural foods seem “tasteless”, but paying attention to this (for those who really want to change the food) can make you reacquaint yourself to like the natural flavors of foods.

Eating slowly also makes you feel more satiated and this is more proven. All these are just mental tricks that give you a certain power over your mind, so that you choose what’s best and consequently act on your body.