How can I increase my milk production? I have a balanced diet and stay hydrated. I take milk from the pump at work as much as possible, but I still have little milk, how can I increase production?

Ideally, you should for a bank in a public hospital with little daughter. are professionals , both and nurses, can guide you properly. If there is nearest family doctor, pediatrician or nurse, look for the nearest post or UBS.

The greatest stimulus for breast milk production is the baby’s own suckling.

There are several possibilities to explain this problem you are experiencing, and your stress with it may get worse. The first things they will check are the handle and position. The handle means that the baby should grab of the areola, with little left. Also, the baby’s chin should be in contact with the breast skin.

On the of ’s website there are some additional guidelines:

There are some interesting videos on YouTube directing you to the most appropriate handle and position. If you choose to watch them, please be sure to refer to the Ministry of Health, the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics, or if you have any professionals advising you. (I didn’t post any video links because I didn’t know if I going to violate any Quora rule)

The most important thing while you’re not going the health people is to stay calm. Know that you’re not the mother who goes through this, look for support!